TGDIC 2021

Call For Paper



Papers submitted should focus on a range of topics related to research in Tourism, Gastronomy, and Destination. The conference invites papers on either completed research or a preliminary report on "research in progress". Authors and researchers are encouraged to submit papers describing previously unpublished, original research result, not currently under review by another conference or journal, or case studies of good practices. All papers will be reviewed by the TGDIC 2021 Paper Review Committee. Full Paper must be written according to the guidelines given and submitted in "Upload Paper Submision" in the website. If you have a problem you can submit it by email to The accepted papers will be presented during regular or poster sessions as indicated by the committee.


Rebuilding and Reshaping Tourism Outlook



  1. Sustainable Tourism Development
  2. Community-based Tourism
  3. Nature-based Tourism
  4. Creative Tourism
  5. Social Media for Tourism Marketing
  6. Smart Tourism
  7. Hospitality
  8. Tourism Management



  1. Policy for Destination Planning
  2. Tour Industry
  3. Destination Policy and Training
  4. Branding and Marketing
  5. Education and Training
  6. Regulation and Policy



  1. Food Tourism
  2. Herbs, Spices, and Traditional Food
  3. Cultural Food Studies
  4. Food Product and Pastry
  5. Food Packaging and Product Development


Other topics related to tourism, gastronomy and tourist destination.






Submission Guide Lines for Full Paper


Papers selected based on submission of completed full papers will be acknowledged accordingly in both conference program and conference proceedings.